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Smash & Grab is a vital safety tool for all road users, protecting you from smash & grab incidents and opportunist break ins.


Thanks to a specially designed Apex film applied to the inside of your car’s windows, no brick, stone, steel pipe or spark plug will leave you exposed to a smash and grab situation.


K2 is also an accredited paint protection film installation centre.

How does smash and grab window tinting work?
  • Increases safety for your loved ones & reduces risk of smash & grab attacks
  • Reduces <99% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UV-cancer causing rays
  • Increases occupant comfort & reduces interior deterioration
  • Reduces 70% heat & increases air-conditioning efficiency
  • Guarantee: Every dealer installed Llumar product comes with a supplier warranty for the film
How much does Smash & Grab cost?
  • Vehicles FROM R1750.00,  (price will depend on the number of windows and size of the vehicle windows) 
What are the benefits of paint protection and polishing?
  • Shield of protection from damaging agents
  • Increases longevity and improves resale value
  • Hides spots & eliminates scratches
  • Makes finish shiy & glossy
  • Cost Effective

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